Counter Depth Refrigerators


Counter Depth Refrigerators

Counter Depth Refrigerators are really wonderful additions to your kitchen as they have
a built-in design that fulfills the dream refrigerator design of any consumer. Your food
sanctuary will surely have a customized look with these refrigerators.

These refrigerators come in different models that are featured with innovations providing
a better functionality and beauty to your kitchen. Counter Depth Refrigerators are as
deep as the top of your kitchen counters that provide you a cleaner space without
invading your beloved cooking area.

Counter Depth and Traditional Compared

Majority of refrigerators that are traditionally designed stretched to a wall distance of 33
inches that allows them to protrude over 6 inches beyond most cabinets and counter-
tops depths. On the other hand, Counter Depth Refrigerators stretch to 16-3/4 inches
of wall distance only. They position themselves evenly to your surrounding cabinetry
although they also slide into a similar opening as a traditional fridge.

More Designs to Choose From

In terms of styles, Counter Depth Refrigerators have a lot to offer, one of which is that
they are able to make customized panels that make a perfect match to your cabinetry.
You can expect these panels to have colors and styles that are similar to your existing
cabinets making the refrigerator a great blend to the rest of your kitchen features. If
things are done perfectly, it might not be easy for you to find your refrigerator.

You can hire a skilled carpenter to make you some custom panels that look exactly like
your current cabinets using any materials of your choice. You can have plastic, metal or
wood materials. However, if you don’t really intend to totally hide your model, then there
is no need for you to put front panels. Instead, you can choose a colored refrigerator
that compliments your kitchen’s color scheme.

With Counter Depth Refrigerators, you have some options for handles depending on
your chosen brand. Nevertheless, you can select those with integrated handles that
best blend into other units.

Designs for these refrigerator models also vary. However, remember that a sacrifice
for depth may also mean a sacrifice for internal storage space. It is expected that the
functionality of interior storage spaces is still lacking in some models. You can choose
a unit that has integrated interior lighting so you won’t come across with large interior

Factors to Consider

Apart from price, there are also other factors that you want consider in your refrigerator

1. CAPACITY- It is important to consider how many people you have in your family
and the space that all of you need. Often, a family with four members can be fine
with a 33 cubic feet fridge.


2. FEATURES - If you are a consumer who regards a good blend of your kitchen
appliances, you can pick a cabinet depth refrigerator with no external features.
3. LIFESPAN – Majority of refrigerators are expected to be with you in good shape in
10-12 years.

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